Your Subaru suspension includes four struts that not only dampen suspension movement, but also are a critical load-bearing part of the suspension and steering. The stock Subaru dampers are good, but an aftermarket item will have extra features above and beyond what the OEM strut offers -- some, like the Koni yellows and the KYB AGX, have adjustable damping, for example.

If it's just a budget replacement strut you are looking for, the KYB Excel-G for Subaru WRX provides a factory ride quality, but at a value price.

Terminology note: A shock absorber and a strut are basically the same thing, but a shock absorber (or just "shock") is not a structural or load-bearing part of the suspension, and a strut is. For our purposes, we sometimes use these words interchangeably, but technically all Subarus have struts, not shocks.

KYB Shock Boot and Bump Stop Kit Quick View
KYB Shock Boot and Bump Stop Kit $49.00

Scooby921 Strut Spacers Quick View
Scooby921 Strut Spacers $24.00